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Weekend Fun: Oh, Baby!

It’s that time of year again — one of my favorite events is coming up on Sunday.

Palmetto Health’s Oh, Baby! is a great event for parents of babies and young children with lots of vendors, sessions, prizes, etc. If you go, come say hi to me; I’ll be working the Barefoot Books table and offering some spectacular specials.
Have a great weekend!
info: http://ohbabypalmetto.com/index.html

Amazing Sale on Awesome Singalongs!

What a sale! 50% off three best-selling singalong books with CDs through Monday, May 16: Animal Boogie (paperback w/CD), If You’re Happy and You Know It (paperback w/CD), and Up, Up, Up (hardcover w/CD). These are wonderful books and CDs at an amazing price! Stock up for birthday parties and playdates. Free shipping on orders over $60! www.growingupreadingbarefootbooks.com

Board Books for 25 Cents!

One of my favorite ways to acquire inexpensive books for kids is to stock up when Target dollar spot goes to 75% clearance. That happened this weekend (red dot only) and depending on your Target’s clearance schedule, it could still be going on today. (If you’re interested don’t delay as these usually only last a couple of days at best.) I like picking these up not just for my kids but for their younger friends as well — great for birthday party favor bags. These are also affordable and useful donations to the children’s hospital, drop-in nursery, etc. Back in February I led a Valentine’s storytime for our moms’ club and was able to give each child in attendance a paperback book for very low cost because of these quarter deals. Coloring books and other literacy related items show up in this clearance as well. During this latest sale, I’ve seen board books (Sesame Street, Alice in Wonderland, Witzy, Precious Moments, Fuzzy Bear, and various earth/green-themed), a few coloring and paperback books, pencil sets (Dora and Where the Wild Things Are), and some Disney animal activity books with stickers. For 62 cents, I saw a couple of diairies with locks (princess). Of course, availability varies and the discount is for red dot items only. Happy book shopping!

Side by Side

I love to see them like this.

Little readers!

Snow, books, ALA awards, and the prospect of more books

The recent uncharacteristic set of two consecutive snow days (and husband home from work!)  in our southern state has afforded me a few minutes to write a quick post. We don’t see this too often…

Our life busy-ness has been like that of many families with young children as of late (holidays, various classes, family events, minor yet time-consuming toddler illnesses  i.e. croup and ear infections). We are grateful and blessed and frequently on the move.  What a difference from this time last year when we were mostly home-bound and trying not to expose our little guy to any illnesses that might complicate his heart surgery recovery.

On to the book musings…this snowbound time (minimal, I know, compared to our northern friends who are surely chuckling as they read of our “big storm”) has nonetheless provided more chances to curl up with a book or two or three. I finally finished the affecting novel *One Day* which mesmerized and moved me, especially during the last third of the text; I’m now fascinated by Antonia Fraser’s account of her marriage to Harold Pinter and admittedly surprised by the predominance of their political involvement. I’m seeking recommendations of which Fraser historical biography to read first — she wrote so many! Will it be Mary Queen of Scots? Charles II? the six wives or the warrior queens?

Of course, the real impetus for this blog is kids and their books, so I am glad to spotlight two of the books that are in our “high frequency” piles at present. 

The Usborne *First Picture Trucks* has become a favorite for both children (as well as their mother who needs more education on the subject!) We enjoy that the book can be read rather quickly with emphasis on the names of trucks and brief descriptions, which is great for the one-year-old attention span. Our language-loving daughter appreciates the interesting details on truck functions, parts, and purposes. (And I look forward to explaining what  a “rubbish truck” is — relish that British flavor!)
Liz Murphy’s *A Dictionary of Dance* appeals to our three-year-old dancer a great deal. The approach to dance as a language is a marvelous touch. Since our daughter has learned a few ballet terms from our mommy and me class, she already had an established context for and a motivating interest in the subject. The familiar A-Z organization of the text helps her take risks with unfamiliar terms and challenging (in a good way!) illustrations.
More recent book-related excitement: have you seen the ALA youth media award announcement? If not, check out this delicious list here:


I spent a luxurious amount of time yesterday requesting lots of the award winners from our public library’s online catalog. I’m hopeful that new favorites will soon introduce themselves! 

Happy 2011 and happy reading!

Precious Reading

A year ago today, our almost-three-month-old baby had open heart surgery. Today, our almost-fifteen-month-old little boy explores, climbs, laughs, complains, chatters, marvels, and so much more (and yes, he loves books, too!)

Today, I am thinking frequently about the most precious reading I can ever recall experiencing in my life: reading the text messages from the physician’s assistant during the surgery process.

Thank you, incredible surgical team, PCICU staff, and everyone who cared for our boy before, during, and after surgery. You are all miracle workers.

Here are some of the words my husband and I read in the pediatric cardiology waiting room. How grateful we continue to be for the opportunity to experience this precious reading.

“Good morning, this is…your first update. They are on the heart lung bypass machine and sewing the VSD patch. Sweet little David remains stable and is doing very well.”

“Hi, things are moving along nicely in the OR. They are now off of the heart lung machine. David continues to do well and remains very stable. I will send you another update in an hour or sooner if they come back to the PCICU before then.”

“Hey, just got word that they are finishing up in the OR! Little David is doing well and is stable. They should be over to the PCICU in the next 30-45 mins.”

“…little David just got back to the PCICU. They will get him settled and then Dr. H will be over to speak with you!”

This morning, one year later, as I buckled our three-year-old daughter into her car seat, she declared: “Dear God, thank you for a beautiful day.”